With the income Mark has generated from his property investment portfolio, he has been able to retire from full-time work within five years of starting his property investing.

Although Mark has previously worked as a real estate agent and has more than twenty years experience in the building industry, Mark’s approach to property investing has been simple. He developed a strategic plan and worked towards his goal on a modest salary of $60, 000. During these five years, Mark attended hundreds of seminars, webinars, read many books and gained first hand knowledge through buying, renovating, subdividing and renting his properties. All Mark’s properties are using the buy and hold strategy.

Mark is not a lawyer, not a real estate agent, financial advisor, tax agent or accountant. He has worked hard to make his money from property investing and is keen to share that knowledge with you.

Mark has been involved in speaking engagements for over ten years, at times for groups in excess of three hundred people. He also runs a monthly property meet up where he offers advice based on his property investing background.

Mark is down to earth and easy to talk to. He loves to help others achieve their goals.

Are you looking to build a property portfolio and retire early? Want to know if he can help you?

Contact Mark today and start planning your future.

Buying the right property at the right time can help you start to live the life you dream of.

Are you working just to pay the bills and don’t seem to be getting anywhere? Want to travel? Enjoy an early retirement? Spend more time with family and friends? Enjoy long weekends every weekend? If you said yes to any of these, it’s time to take action.

Mark from My Property Empire is a property mentor who can help you plan your property investments and work towards long term income benefits. He offers education and advice based on his own success of retiring after five years of investing in the property market, all while working for an average income.

Mark is dedicated to helping you achieve success by investing in the property market. This is not a get rich quick scheme – you will need to plan your path to success and continue to work towards your goal. He will look at what you want to achieve and help develop a plan to help you get there.

Managing your finances and surrounding yourself with professionals that can help you is the key to your success. Mark can help you with access to a range of people and networks that support property investors – from beginners to those with more experience.

Let Mark act as your guide to get the ball rolling and start on your path to property investment success.