Do you dream of achieving wealth and financial freedom through property but are stuck or don’t know where to start?

I Can Help You!

My personalised, 3-hour Strategy Session will set you up with a plan, tailored to your individual circumstances and goals, that will take you exactly where you want to go.

  • Eliminate the confusion of not knowing what to do
  • Fast track your way to achieving your goals
  • Reduce your risk and avoid costly mistakes

3 Hour Strategy Session for only $797

“We got so much out of a strategy session with Mark – more in 3 hours than we’ve got from spending 10s of thousands of dollars with others. We discussed ‘real stratigies’ – with real figures and scenarios specifically customised to our specific situation. We now know what to do, how to do it, and a mapped path to our goals. And we’re kicking it off immediately. Wow. – Thank you Mark!” – Tracey Johnston

  • Master Builders Association
  • NSW Government
  • Property Developer Network
  • Renovating for Profit
  • Smart Property Investment
  • 1125 5MU
  • Master Builders Association
  • NSW Government
  • Property Developer Network
  • Renovating for Profit
  • Smart Property Investment
  • 1125 5MU

What you’ll get out of the Strategy Session?

  • Learn how smart people invest in real estate.
  • Understand how leverage works and learn how to use it to buy more property without saving for a new deposit.
  • Learn how the Property Clock works and how to pick a BOOM city BEFORE it happens and gets into the media (because by then it’s too late).
  • It will teach you ALL the strategies in real estate and how you can make serious money by combining 2 or more strategies, including case studies.
  • We will determine how many properties you need to retire.
  • I will show you where Australia is headed, where to invest and WHY.
  • It will teach you the 2 ways we get paid with property; one taxable and one not.
  • Learn how you can scale up quickly and have a plan to buy your 3rd property before you’ve even bought your first.
  • I will teach you about renovating and developing as a strategy and how to do it profitably.
  • I will show you ways to eliminate debt.
  • Learn what kinds of properties to buy and what NOT to buy.
  • I will show you how you can earn multiple incomes from just 1 property.
  • Discover the 15 biggest mistakes that landlords make and how to avoid them.
  • I will show you the truth about property investing without the hype and BS. And the best part is at the end there is no property to sell, in fact there is nothing to sell, this is pure honest education that you need to reach the income you desire.
  • You will walk away with a clear action plan and next steps including resources to guide you.

Why you need a strategy?

The reason why too many people never achieved their dreams in property is because they bought the wrong property, in the wrong location and it never aligned to their goals so it was never ever going to get them there.

To succeed in property you need to buy THE RIGHT PROPERTY (and I can tell you at least 90% of the properties on the market ARE NOT investment grade. Professional property investors would never touch them).

When you begin you need to understand ALL the strategies and decide which ones suit you in regards to your level of income, risk, time frames, commitment and more.

Then after seeing all these you need to see which ones you like and that actually fit into your overall plan. Which ones will get you from where you are right now to where you want to go.

You need a plan (to determine where you are, then where you eventually want to be) including time frames. Then you need to buy the right properties which will allow you to keep growing and increasing your portfolio in a strong, calculated way to get you to your end goal.

Testimonials from Mark’s Students

Star Rating
“Fantastic! Mark is incredibly knowledgeable and so forthcoming in sharing the benefit of his experience. He genuinely wants people that work with him to succeed in property and is committed to helping people towards that goal. Can highly recommend My Property Empire.”
Steve Blanchfield
Star Rating
“Mark Shearwood has been great at assisting us with building our property portfolio. His knowledge and advice has been invaluable. He has a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding of the property market. His experience stretches across Australia. He has also pointed out strategies that would increase our ability to earn more income from our properties.”
Samantha Koutlis
Star Rating
“Mark has a wealth of knowledge along with a wealth of patience. To succeed in life a mentor is a must and Mark is a rare gem among many potential mentors.”
Jasin Simms
Star Rating
“Mark is not only a great teacher but a great person, who generally gets excited and loves to see his students succeed. He also handled all the negotiating on our behalf. My Property Empire is a serious no brainer! Thanks Mark!”
Blake and Linda

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this going to tell me where to buy?
Yes, you will learn how to pick suburbs that will boom well before it hits the media.
Will this be personalised?

Yes, this will be all about you. It will include ALL the strategies in real estate and we will identify which ones will work for your circumstances & goals.

Can I ask questions?
Definitely! We encourage questions and you will be asked many questions during the session.
Is this in person or via video conferencing?
If you live in Sydney we can meet in person. If you’re interstate, it may also be possible to do it in person if we have an upcoming trip booked to your area. Otherwise we can do the session via Zoom.
Can I bring my partner?
Yes of course, we encourage you to bring your wife, husband or anyone directly involved in your plans going forward because they will be an important part of making this happen.
Can I record the session?
Yes, you are welcome to record the session. If done by Zoom we will use the inbuilt recording functionality.
Will you try and sell me properties at the end like other people?
No, we will never try to sell you property because we don’t have any properties to sell. This is purely an educational session on how successful people get extremely wealthy using property. We can advise you on what kind of property to buy but we are NOT buyers agents.
If I have a property portfolio can you suggest ways to make this more profitable?
Yes, we often meet people who have portfolios which are not performing and we redirect and restructure things. This usually doesn’t require selling anything, it’s just to increase the cash flow.
After the session what if I want more guidance?
We are in the process of developing an online group mentoring program consisting of online video training & resources, a private Facebook Mastermind group and regular group Zoom meetings to guide you, we will have more information available on this soon.
Will the session teach me about your previous students?
Yes, we have case studies in the session on other students and how the particular strategies worked and what income they are now achieving.