To take the next step towards achieving your Property Development Dreams,
book a 30-minute phone consult

Did you know that 80% of property developers go broke because they either buy something WITHOUT doing the correct due diligence, don’t structure it the right way or they don’t have enough cash flow to support the development and they lose control.

Developing is hard, but there is a way that it can be done with significantly less risk, people just don’t know how.

I’m Mark Shearwood and I have been in the property industry since 1991 and have over 18 developments on right now which total over 22 Million dollars in Melbourne , Sydney and Brisbane . I’ve also helped a large number of students on their property investment and development journey enabling them to set themselves up to be FINANCIALLY FREE.

Whether you’re just starting to learn about property development or have done some courses but finding it hard to find a site and take the next steps; I can help you achieve your property development goals WITHOUT the costly mistakes that could set you back years or stop you in your tracks.

To take the next step towards achieving your property dreams, book a 30 minute telephone consult with me where I will:

  • Guide you honestly and objectively through the best way that will work for you without all the sales BS.
  • What deals to go after the first time and how to do it with a lot less risk.
  • Train you on how to go out and win deals.

Normally $150. On Special at $97

What Mark’s students are saying…

Star Rating
“I was sitting in the airport one day about to fly out to work when i decided to google property mentors. My property portfolio just wasn’t working for me and i needed some help, at one point i even thought about selling some houses. This is how i found Mark and from the very first email he has been amazing and always available for a chat or help. So it’s been 5 moths now having Mark as my mentor and we have just done a subdivision that should be on the market very soon and a granny flat that is happening on one of my other properties. Early next year hopefully we have another property purchase happening so we have a big year ahead. Anyone looking to get into property or needs help i can highly recommended Mark . He is a awesome guy with so much knowledge and always available on the phone or email. In 5 short month’s Mark has totally turned my portfolio around looking at a 250k profit from the subdivision.”
Brett McMeekin
Star Rating
“I hope that if you are reading this that you take the action and jump on board with Mark, he is super talented at what he does. I meet Mark in 2018 and since day one he has been super helpful an always ensures our questions are answered in a way that make sense. Mark loves to see you succeed and pushes you to keep believing in yourself an I think that is amazing in itself. He is super knowledgeable in all areas of the property industry and walks the talk, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Mark for all your property wisdom I am so grateful to be apart of this journey!
Jordan – Melbourne Australia.”
Jordan Turner
Star Rating
“I met Mark after he was recommended to me by a very successful property developer and investor I know. After meeting with Mark, finding him easy to get along with and very down to earth, I booked one of his strategy sessions. The knowledge I gained in those short 2 hours has been life changing and quickly improved my property investing skills from novice to an advanced level. I now know how to: identify excellent opportunities in property, assess them to ensure that they will be profitable and how to manufacture growth. Best of all, I have confidence in my skills and am now well on my journey to financial independence through property. I certainly recommend Mark if you wish to achieve the same.”
Nick Morton