Working with Mark has been a fantastic experience. He is passionate about helping people and this reflects in the mentoring he delivers and the advice he shares. After working with Mark, we are now on our way to purchase our first investment property. This is just the start of our investment journey. We feel safe in the knowledge that we have Mark there to help and guide us along the way. If you are looking for someone to hold your hand and guide you in the right direction with something so important as increasing your wealth, Mark Shearwood is the one. He will do this with your best interests at heart the entire time. I would highly recommend that you speak with Mark today.

– Lana Jackson, Eagle Vale

 I would have remained at home knitting socks, blissfully unaware of the pile of equity there if Mark hadn’t opened my mind to property investment. I value all the information groups that he pointed out and benefited from all their insights. I confidently secured my first portfolio property within 9 months. Mark has been positive and supportive as I continue on the learning curve. He is educating me about the flags and pitfalls of the market. His key to opening doors? Know your strategy!

– Heather King, Dulwich Hill

 Since arriving in Australia in 2004 my ultimate goal has been to own property. I now have two properties and I am planning to purchase another one. This would not be possible without Mark and his great real estate knowledge and honest advice. He helped me through every part of the process from start to finish. Nothing is too hard for him, he always finds a solution. I recommend you get in touch with him if you want to start building a strong portfolio.

– Manu Saothong, Moore Park