Star Rating
“I was sitting in the airport one day about to fly out to work when i decided to google property mentors. My property portfolio just wasn’t working for me and i needed some help, at one point i even thought about selling some houses. This is how i found Mark and from the very first email he has been amazing and always available for a chat or help. So it’s been 5 moths now having Mark as my mentor and we have just done a subdivision that should be on the market very soon and a granny flat that is happening on one of my other properties. Early next year hopefully we have another property purchase happening so we have a big year ahead. Anyone looking to get into property or needs help i can highly recommended Mark . He is a awesome guy with so much knowledge and always available on the phone or email. In 5 short month’s Mark has totally turned my portfolio around looking at a 250k profit from the subdivision. ”
Brett McMeekin
Star Rating
“I first was advised to speak to mark regarding my investment property several years ago and at first was nervous but have never looked back it’s rare you find some one passionate not only about property but eager to help others achieve what property can do for you his advise and wisdom is beyond words I can not thank mark Sherwood enough and would gladly recommend him to any one my future is on the right path because of Mark”
Shane Fox
Star Rating
“I hope that if you are reading this that you take the action and jump on board with Mark, he is super talented at what he does. I meet Mark in 2018 and since day one he has been super helpful an always ensures our questions are answered in a way that make sense. Mark loves to see you succeed and pushes you to keep believing in yourself an I think that is amazing in itself. He is super knowledgeable in all areas of the property industry and walks the talk, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Mark for all your property wisdom I am so grateful to be apart of this journey!
Jordan – Melbourne Australia.”
Jordan Turner
Star Rating
“My property Empire has so much knowledge and has taught me so much about how to achieve financial freedom which is my main goal in life. Mark has lots of good information and knowledge and you can see this through his own success which is why I got him to help me and I am so grateful that I did.”
Dean Van Wyk
Star Rating
“I met Mark in 2018. His knowledge on making money from property is impressive. He is a great mentor and always has options for whatever situation you find yourself in with property deals. I have learnt plenty from him. Mostly I admire his straightforward personality. What you see is what you get. Great asset on my property journey.”
Isabelle Penao
Star Rating
“I reached out to Mark as i was struggling to take in the many strategies, opinions, and mass of different information regarding to property. I knew i wanted to use property as a vehicle for wealth and i could see Mark had done just that himself!

He sat me down and got all my information then detailed for me a plan and some strategies so i can reach my goals, he’s very very knowledgeable with all facets of property as well as very friendly and easy to deal with.

From the countless seminars, webinars etc, Mark has been one of the very few Property Mentors to give all his knowledge in order to help someone on there path and not keep them to himself, always there to answer questions or worries you have and truely make the process easy!

Thanks so much Mark.”

Star Rating
“I could not recommend Mark Shearwood more for his honesty and expertise in property knowledge & experience! I found myself wondering how I could improve my finances for my boys and I as a single mum and property seemed the option to investigate.Mark was more than willing to help and advise me in a direction that was achievable. I can not thank Mark enough for his time and effort and he has always presented his opinions and advice with consummate professionalism.

Thank you Mark for your support and assistance as we begin our property journey.”
Sam huckel

Star Rating
“I would have remained at home knitting socks, blissfully unaware of the pile of equity there if Mark hadn’t opened my mind to property investment. I value all the information groups that he pointed out and benefited from all their insights. I confidently secured my first portfolio property within 9 months. Mark has been positive and supportive as I continue on the learning curve. He is educating me about the flags and pitfalls of the market. His key to opening doors? Know your strategy!”
Heather King, Dulwich Hill
Star Rating
“I have known Mark for years. I have witnessed his dedication to studying and going to courses in property for many years, with the best teachers in Australia. Buying. Selling. Renovations. And then applying this all in practice. Renovations. Buying property to create an income. Putting deals together for unit’s to be built.

I had a person ask me, if used Mark as a mentor what would he teach me. I said…wow. have you got time to listen. This is not a one sentence answer.
What do you want to do, I asked. They said…Make money with property. I said well, how do you want to do that. They didn’t really know….so I said…

Buy and renovate and sell. Buy and renovate and rent. Buy distressed property’s and help people who are in financial trouble, and stop them going bankrupt and helping them get out of a bad situation.

Buy land and turn it into apartment blocks. Turning your own land into Apartment blocks. Look for properties that are good deals. Look for property in towns that can create an income. Information about some lenders to borrow from so you get money back each month.

I said, here’s the deal. He is passionate. He is loud and bumptious. Be prepared to be turned around and get mentored. You will be in for a fun ride. He cares and he loves teaching and seeing people get ahead.”
Kerry O’Reilly

Star Rating
“I was referred to this company because I bought 3 properties and they were not performing. I wanted to achieve financial freedom through property investment but that wasn’t happening.

After I had my initial meeting with Mark, he outlined the basis in a very to understand method. I am now following his proven method and I’ve totally changed my portfolio around.”
Zean Kian

Star Rating
“Mark is amazing at what he does….which is to help you grow your wealth through property. Having known Mark for more than 2 years now – he is very professional and has helped many clients of mine over this time. If you want to develop a property portfolio – you need to speak to Mark. Highly recommended.”
Kerrin Farmer
Star Rating
“I met Mark when I was at the beginning of my property investing and I knew very little about reallestate. Mark helped me build my portfolio and I’m now onto my third investment. All my portfolio is positively geared and I am very grateful for his knowledge and understanding and could never of done this alone. He is always available when I call him and nothing is to much trouble. Thanks to him.I am well on my way to financial freedom.”
Manu Kitchen
Star Rating
“I met Mark after he was recommended to me by a very successful property developer and investor I know. After meeting with Mark, finding him easy to get along with and very down to earth, I booked one of his strategy sessions. The knowledge I gained in those short 2 hours has been life changing and quickly improved my property investing skills from novice to an advanced level. I now know how to: identify excellent opportunities in property, assess them to ensure that they will be profitable and how to manufacture growth. Best of all, I have confidence in my skills and am now well on my journey to financial independence through property. I certainly recommend Mark if you wish to achieve the same.”
Nick Morton
Star Rating
“I was introduced to Mark back in 2018 while embarking on my adventures into Property Development.

I enlisted Mark’s guidance as my property Mentor, and quite frankly, from a Gal that didn’t know didly squat about property, he was a Godsend to me at that time, and still is today.

Marks knowledge, wisdom and expertise of Property Development, subdivisions large and small, renovations, options, granny flats and more is second to none and what’s more is, he walks his talk.

Mark in my mind is a one of a kind Mentor, kind of like, a one stop shop for everything you require.

I deeply appreciate and am very grateful to have Mark as a part of my Tribe.”
Susan Whelan

Star Rating
“I met mark around October in 2018. Mark rang me and after a long discussion with what I want to achieve and the vision and legacy i want to create, I expressed my fears around property, and the area I was failing to grow.
Mark since that call has stayed true to his word.

Mark has flown down to negotiate deals with me, mark has had three way calls with agents, property consultants, mark is always available to take my calls for coaching, mark surprised me with his business partner and mentor for one of our meetings with an owner.

The deals I am involved in the confidence, the inner knowing I can now achieve what I thought was out of my reach is now reality.
I can’t thank you enough for your continued support mark, your a star “boss man” thank you.

Regards steven t from Victoria.”
Steven Thomas

Star Rating
“Working with Mark has been a fantastic experience. He is passionate about helping people and this reflects in the mentoring he delivers and the advice he shares. After working with Mark, we are now on our way to purchase our first investment property. This is just the start of our investment journey. We feel safe in the knowledge that we have Mark there to help and guide us along the way. If you are looking for someone to hold your hand and guide you in the right direction with something so important as increasing your wealth, Mark Shearwood is the one. He will do this with your best interests at heart the entire time. I would highly recommend that you speak with Mark today.”
Lana Jackson, Eagle Vale
Star Rating
“Since arriving in Australia in 2004 my ultimate goal has been to own property. I now have two properties and I am planning to purchase another one. This would not be possible without Mark and his great real estate knowledge and honest advice. He helped me through every part of the process from start to finish. Nothing is too hard for him, he always finds a solution. I recommend you get in touch with him if you want to start building a strong portfolio.”
Manu Saothong, Moore Park