Property Option

This pathway allows the land owner to have their property developed at no cost and no risk to them as My Property Empire (MPE) will arrange and pay for everything to be completed – as outlined in the Do It Yourself section. All the land owner need do is sign the Development Application document then wait for the check in the mail (paid when the land is subdivided and sold).

Under this scenario, the land owner and MPE enter into a property purchase agreement. This gives MPE the security required to invest significant funds to subdivide the land. Once the land is subdivided, MPE – or another entity – purchases the land from the seller.

When the land is sold, the land owner gets paid i.e. no waiting ~12 months for the development to be completed and dwellings sold.
Once the land is purchased, the site is developed by MPE undertaking all the steps for you.

Joint Venture

A joint venture is where the land owner and MPE establish partnership for the purpose of the development. This is formalised in a joint venture agreement.

In this scenario, the land owner provides the land to the project whilst MPE provides the funds, knowledge and time required to complete the development.

Project Management Services

My Property Empire provides property management services for all property projects. From arranging renovations to managing the development application process on your behalf to organising new dwellings to be built.

Consulting Services

If you want to know whether it is possible subdivide your property, whether subdividing is likely to provide you with a profit or what your property may be worth. If you’re looking for an opinion, My Property Empire can give you an expert one.


My Property Empire teaches and mentors students on how to find, assess and develop property projects for profit. For those wanting to invest in property, MPE conducts strategy sessions in which you’ll develop a roadmap that shows you how to accelerate your wealth through property investment. As most of us are property investors ourselves, we have not only the theoretical knowledge but also a wealth of experiential knowledge which will assist you to quickly grow your property portfolio.